In a night filled with rhythm, melody, and celebration, the North East Music Awards recently took center stage, honoring outstanding individuals whose contributions have shaped the regional music industry & great stakeholders contributing to youth betterment. Among the luminaries recognized was none other than Abdul Karim, the esteemed CEO of My Time Group of Companies, whose unwavering support and dedication to youths development, particularly in the music garnered him a well-deserved Citation of Honor and a plaque of the ”Youngest CEO”.

The North East Music Awards, renowned for its commitment to acknowledging talent and innovation within the music sphere, provided the perfect platform to honor Abdul Karim’s pivotal role in nurturing and inspiring the youth in the musical landscape of the region in becoming better responsible people in the future. As the CEO of My Time Group of Companies, Abdul Karim has been instrumental in fostering the growth and development of local artists, empowering them to amplify their voices and share their stories with the world.

At the heart of Abdul Karim’s vision lies a profound appreciation for the transformative power of music. Through strategic initiatives and bold investments, he has propelled emerging talents onto the national stage, championing diversity and inclusivity every step of the way. Under his guidance, My Time Group of Companies has emerged as a beacon of creativity, fostering collaboration and innovation across genres and cultures.

Receiving the Citation of Honor at the North East Music Awards is a testament to Abdul Karim’s unwavering commitment to excellence and his enduring passion for music. It symbolizes not only his personal achievements but also the collective triumph of a community united by its love for rhythm and melody.

In his acceptance speech, Abdul Karim expressed gratitude for the recognition bestowed upon him, acknowledging the tireless efforts of the artists, producers, and industry professionals who have contributed to the vibrant tapestry of the regional music scene. He reaffirmed his commitment to supporting the next generation of musical talent, pledging to continue nurturing creativity and innovation within the industry.

As we celebrate Abdul Karim’s remarkable achievement, we are reminded of the profound impact that visionary leadership can have on shaping the cultural landscape of our communities. His unwavering dedication serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and industry leaders alike, reminding us that with passion, perseverance, and a deep-seated belief in the power of music, anything is possible.

In the wake of the North East Music Awards, Abdul Karim’s legacy shines brightly, illuminating a path forward filled with endless possibilities and boundless creativity. As we applaud his remarkable accomplishments, let us also celebrate the spirit of collaboration and unity that defines the essence of music – a universal language that transcends boundaries and unites us all in harmony.