Jamalu Bamba, a hip-life veteran who doubles as the business manager for star, Fancy Gadam, has admitted his disappointment in the northern entertainment industry stakeholders, including himself, for failing to attend the invite of the Youth In Creative Arts Conference & the Launch Of The Northern Ghana Entertainment Awards, which was held on Saturday, the 22nd of January, 2022, at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium.

The organizers, the Celebrities Charity Development Foundation, distributed invites to all industry stakeholders, artists, actors, media, and CEOs of cooperating bodies for an engagement on how to raise the entertainment industry. It was disappointing that a venue of 50 was not even quarter-filled.

When given an opportunity to address the small audience with his experience in the industry, Jamalu Bamba said he felt shameful and disappointed in the numbers recorded. According to him, thousands are always online criticizing and pointing at industry players’ woes as if they wanted the betterment of the industry, only to be exposed by their refusal to attend an important conference like this. He said we should learn from mistakes like this for the future betterment of the industry. Watch below for his speech.