Wiz Child has unveiled that he has no one he’s looking up to whenever he’s to release a project.

The Legend Boy was managed and natured from DMTL record label, a label established and owned by Pete Maxwell who was later involved in a court issues that has made him stayed away for years now.
According to Wiz Child, it has been him and him alone from financing of his music, videos and projects with motivation and encouraging support coming from his team.
He didn’t denied the fact that he get helping fingers from people especially his team but highlighted that he’s not lucky unlike other artists who got management and everything done for them.

He said despite the stress and toughness, he’s used to it and ready to pushed himself because nobody else will push him if he doesn’t push himself.
Wiz Child said this on his music video premier interview on HYPE TV, watch the music video of his single “LIFE” below.

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