Don Dee, one of the most talented and promising rappers from Northern Ghana, has voiced out how he met Star, Fancy Gadam, and how the collaboration they offered him changed his career.
In 2015, Don Dee was featured in the biggest song from the north by Fancy Gadam. A lot of people wondered how come Fancy Gadam offered such a big opportunity to an upcoming artist like Don Dee amidst being the north’s biggest star then.
On the All Inclusive Show with Is Hassan Dablee on Radio Amana on Wednesday 14th July, 2021, Don Dee narrated that Fancy Gadam once met him recording in the Cocoabeat studio and immediately fell in love with him after listening to what he had produced.

Since then, the star has always asked about Don Dee whenever he entered the studio.

According to him, he was once informed by his team that Fancy Gadam wanted him on a song. As an artist who wants to grow, he saw it as a big opportunity.
Watch the Video Below.