Tuba Zaks’ wife, Shafawu has disclosed that she will not forgive DJ Carlos until he comes out to announce to the whole world that he was lying against her.

Sambani (Official Music Video)

DJ Carlos, Tuba Zaks and his wife, Shafawu involved in a recent banter, which resulted to accusations from both parties that DJ Carlos tried selling Shafawu to big men to have affair with her for money, whiles DJ Carlos debunked that and accused that it was rather Shafawu who wanted to go and be sleeping with his former boyfriend and he stopped her.

Music Breakdown Of Iswidad – Bless Me.

With such accusations leveled against each other, especially against Shafawu as a married woman, she had no choice but to swear to the holy Quran that she was innocent of the accusations.

Shafawu Sworn To The Holy Quran.

Many thought the banter was over, but, in a recent TikTok live video with Tuba Zaks and DJ Fresh, Shafawu revealed in pain that she always cursed DJ Carlos first thing every morning she wakes up and also in all her daily prayers, and it’s so she will continue until the presenter comes to the public and debunked his false accusations against her. Watch the video below.