The legendaries Big Malik of KKC and Bitter Flesh of Kaya were paired as guests on Sagani TV North Arts show on Wednesday 31st of August, 2022.

The two veteran musicians from the legendaries music groups had to face it out against each other when Big Malik backs the motion that hip life legends in the north were successful and never failures, whiles Bitter Flesh was of a different view that they failed.

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In making his points clear, Big Malik said people will be wrong to compare their access with the current crop of artists because the understanding of music were less in their time, making it a task on them to fight hard for the people to understand and purchase their music, therefore even though they made money, money was not their priority like it’s now.

In the other hand, Bitter Flesh said they failed totally because they were making enough money from their craft despite the fact Big Malik stated, but instead to invest, they were spending it aimlessly wanting to live like 2pac, BIG, Snoop Dogg and the likes.

Bitter Flesh States.

Whiles the argument was getting tougher, Bitter Flesh started to interrogate in Big Malik’s conversation and the legend didn’t just take it cool with him. He asked him to shut when he’s talking, adding that, interfering in discussions isn’t an act of him today, it has been his act even when he’s on radio. Watch their interrogation below.

Big Malik