Ill Haven Records artist, Knght King, has finally unveiled the official music video for his latest single, Sambani, featuring Shaban, King Guda, Ntelabi, and Gingsen.

Sambani in the English language means “outside.” The song is a self-motivational and inspirational song that motivates everyone to go out there and hustle hard for the money.
 In the rap kingkongs (Shaban) verse, he stated clearly how he can’t afford to fail his parents and family, which is a reason he is working harder to make it. 
Shaban concludes his verse by saying success can never be found inside a room or at one place, but it’s outside.

The production of the song was handled by PeeJay, one of the finest beatmakers in Northern Ghana. Watch and enjoy the inspirational delivery of the stars below.

Official Music Video Of Sambani.