The management of Zaa Radio and Zaa Kootu, Zaa Multimedia and Mohammed Abdul-Rashid Kawastone have replaced a newly introduced program, Xposure, in place of Zaa Kootu on Zaa Radio.

Zaa Kootu Program which was one of the flagship programs on Zaa Radio was always aired on the 99.3 frequency every Friday night from 10pm to 12am. The program has been missing on the radio airwaves ever since the existence of it on Zaa TV.

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The radio fans of the program have always missed the show on the radio platform, hoping it will soon bounce back, but their hopes seems hopeless now after the new years rescheduling of programs at the station has seen Zaa Kootu been replaced with a newly introduced program called Xposure, with the same host and on the same time, 10pm to 12am on every fridays.

The Xposure, we understand is going to be an exclusive interview & discussion program, which will seek to interview prominent people in society and in the entertainment fraternity.

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According to the host, Mohammed Abdul-Rashid Kawastone, just like the Zaa Kootu program which is now on Zaa TV only, the Xposure will share an equal opportunity to artists, event organizers and entrepreneurs to sell and promote their works, events and services to their accountants. The show will start tonight with Don Ziggy.

Xposure Tonight