In a heated discussion on why it’s hard for musicians based in the North to compete with musicians in the south, DJ Bat blames it on their unwillingness to invest back into the promotion of their music.

According to him, musicians down here feel so reluctant and so comfortable in the little fame and cash they are making from their music down here, making them blind to see the opportunities that awaits them should they breakout nationally or internationally.

Who Is MORE Popular?

Sighting Fancy Gadam as an example, DJ Bat said the money Fancy Gadam is making from his music is huge enough to promote him nationwide, but he keeps saving it into his accounts believing he may lose his spot anytime soon.
DJ Bat added that, Director Anas once revealed to him that Fancy Gadam never paid him a pesewa for the ‘Kom’ hit music video he shot for him; adding it to his points that they don’t want to invest. He made these claims on the ‘All Inclusive Show’ with Is Hassan Dablee on Zaa Radio 99.3Fm. Watch video below,