The recent brouhaha between music icon Fancy Gadam and Mampurugu Ruler Striker De Donzy is still fueling up as Striker De Donzy hits back at Fancy Gadam with a controversial rhetorical question.
The two stars sparked a controversy on the internet about who the true owner of their one-time hit song “Asadaachi” is.

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This all started when Fancy Gadam sat on Dinchana Trending on NTV with G. Face yesterday, July 30th, and said the song was his and he gave it to Striker De Donzy for free, and yet the star is not grateful to him. Watch him speak below.

Fancy Gadam Speaks On Who Owns “Asadaachi”.

Striker De Donzy debunked his claims and called him a liar in a Facebook post on his page. Read that below.

Striker De Donzy hits backs at Fancy Gadam.

After this article was captured and published on HYPE MEDIA GH with a caption that Fancy Gadam said he had left Striker De Donzy to God, which he rightfully said in the interview above, Striker De Donzy quickly replied to the article on HYPE MEDIA GH post that which God was Fancy Gadam talking about? His God in his bedroom or?

The star asked, sparking more controversies about the rumours that Fancy Gadam uses black magic (Juju) for fame. Read his comment below.