Sherif Abdul-Majeed, known on stage as Maccasio, revealed the total amount of money he spent on his outfit at his recent historical concert.

The concert, which came on the 21st August, 2021, had a heavy and heart-breaking threat from the rain in the early hours of the day. Many thought that was all for it. Until a few hours before the concert, the rain stopped for the fans to storm the stadium. The stadium was fully packed as at 12am the next day, but there was another heavy downpour in the middle of the show which couldn’t stop the fans from cheering the performing artistes.

Today, on 25th, August 2021, Maccasio took to his Facebook profile under the name Sherif Abdul-Majeed to reveal the cost of the outfit he wore on stage for THE THRONE CONCERT. He posted,

“Do your quick math with the calculator. Sneaker 👟 1100$

Jacket 🧥 200$

Inna shirt 👚 70$

Jeans 👖 100$

Chain 🥨249$

Mask 🥷🏻30$#


We indeed did some quick Maths with our calculators and the total amount we had from the items he mentioned is $1,749, which is equivalent to Ghc10,566.30