Maccasio, G.Face & Nash Iddi

Nash Iddi has taken to social media to explain why he should not be concerned about comments made by Mohammed Hafiz G. Faceand Maccasio on Dinchana TV show. On Tuesday, March 1st, Maccasio was hosted on Dinchana on NTV by G. Face. The two criticized Nash Iddi for his poor job as a board member and a northern representative at the 3music awards, which led to the scheme’s sidelining of all northern musicians. Watch the video below,

G.Facs And Maccasio On Dinchana

In their view, few of the northern-based musicians in the year under review have worked so much to be worth a nomination in the scheme. They said Nash isn’t a complete industry person and therefore rarely attends shows. In a Facebook post chanced by HYPE MEDIA GH, Nash Iddi stated that a medium that hosts two artists more than 50 times in a year doesn’t deserve his attention. Indirectly confirming his stand on rumours out there, G. Face depends hugely on hosting Maccasio and Fancy Gadam twice every month to sustain his program viewership. Check out Nash Iddi’s post below.