One of the powerful voices from the media, Mohammed Hafiz Gee Face, has vowed that the self claimed African Richest Man, Shatta Bandle, is not a celebrity, but an influencer with a huge following. This comes a few days after the Young Rich Nigger shamed Fancy Gadam and claimed supremacy of being the biggest northern export.

On Kawastone Zaa Kootu program on Friday the 10th of December, Shatta Bandle claims he is the biggest export in the showbiz industry from the north who has sold and projected the name of the north to other parts of the country and beyond. Knowing very well that many will argue with him by setting Maccasio and Fancy Gadam as examples of celebrities bigger than him, Shatta Bandle explained that he has always and still traveling out of the country to the UK, London, Nigeria, Dubai, Togo etc and playing shows, and had also been featuring on music videos of big international stars whom both Fancy Gadam and Maccasio still wished to meet in their careers, a reason enough he is the biggest export from the north. Watch video below.

In an entertainment discussion with Alhaji Sadick Cybha on Wednesday December 15th on Sagani TV North Arts Show, Mohammed Hafiz Gee Face said Shatta Bandle is not a celebrity, but an influencer who has the influence to attract or convince crowds to pay attention to himself or a product. A celebrity is supposed to be a sports person, a musician, or a comedian who has in their field attained a celebratory status for themselves or themselves, and Shatta Bandle, in his opinion, is not one. View the video below.