Celebrated British DJ and radio personality, Tim Westwood has dropped his submissions about the newest trap sensation, Mohammed Ishmail Sherif, widely known in the music game as Black Sherif.

According to Tim Westwood, Black Sherif is gradually redefining everything about Ghanaian music due to his new style and energetic and phenomenon efforts in pushing Ghanaian music to the top of the world.

During an interview with Cookie Tee on TV3’s New Day segment, Tim Westwood giving his remarks about the Afrobeat genre stated that Afrobeats is gradually taking over the world and has become the new hip-hop on the account that the genre has gained grounds in the United Kingdom and other countries.

He also mentioned that Ghanaian music is currently on the rise due to the new interventions and a new crop of musicians projecting the craft to the world through their music.

However. he mentioned that the likes of Black Sherif who has one of the hottest bangers on the streets and the world at large are gradually changing everything about Ghanaian music. He also revealed his intentions to host the singer on his show in the United Kingdom to expand his territories as far as his music career is concerned.

Watch the video below:

Tim Westwood interview on Tv3