Self acclaim African Dancehall king, Charles Nii Armah Mensah known around the globe as Shatta wale has taken to social media begging government to channel it’s energy into supporting the youth of country.

Shatta Wale after having an encounter with his fans in his DM about how they feel about things going on in the country requested that the president should focus on the youth more for him because he knows they love him and he needs to reciprocate that love.

According to him. the complaints in his inbox are too much hence he should forget politics and do this like a father for the youth, he knows he can do something about it and spend more of his time with the youth these days and see the magic.

Shatta Wale then added that the youth love him and he knows he has tried his best so showing love back to the youth will make a very huge difference in the country as the complaints in his inbox are just too much.

Per Shatta Wale’s post, all that the youths are expecting from the president is for him to focus on them and show them some love as a father and not a president and he believes that will make some magic.

screenshot below;