Ghanaian rapper, Maccasio has demanded a public apology and retraction of an alleged ban statement by Amana’s Radio on-air personality Dj Mise or he black list them from his adverts.

The media personality while discussing the lyrics in the rapper’s latest release, No chorus has been reportedly revealed that he will not play the song on the radio for one year because the rapper failed to reach a business agreement with him.

Reacting to the alleged ban on his Facebook page, the rapper demanded an apology from the management of the radio station or he black list them from his advert forever.

For him playing his songs is not a kind gesture extended to him but a payback for always supporting the station by way of paying them for adverts especially when he is organizing a show.

Read his full post below

Few years aago one of my strongest fans turned against me just because i couldn’t wish him birthday and he made disrespect n disturbing posts about me here. I moved on and became even much bigger without him.

Recently a dj wanted to use me and my fans to host a show,and make money for himself and was charged by my team.and just because of that he said he won’t play my music again😅 ..Meanwhile I pay the station anytime I put up a concert which u automatically benifits from,Well am not mad,Kindly use the artistes music that u wll be playing for ur concert.. and I wll never pay for advert on that radio station again till I get an apology from the station management.
The people who loves me will fight for me regardless..