Akinlolu ‘Jekins’ Jikiemi, popularly known as Jekins, has said that the Nigerian comedy industry is making a global impact in spite of the challenges it’s facing.

The quality of material is very encouraging. There’s been a lot of growth, Nigerian comedians are putting in a lot of work and getting recognition, a lot of new guys are doing so well, I always feel proud and give my 100 percent in working with these guys, “he said.

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Jerkins, real name, Akinlolu ‘Jekins’ Jikiemi , is one of the major forces promoting Comedy and other African music in the United Kingdom where he is based and operates his entertainment business.

He is a leading brand that acts as a human resource in ensuring the success of many comedy and music shows in the UK, Europe and USA.

The renowned entertainment promoter is the founder and CEO of Akinlolu Jekins & Co Ltd, the parent company of the Jekins Brand.

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Jekins has been an active supporter of the Nigerian creative industry and has in the past years actively organized over 150 comedy events and musical concerts in UK and USA for Nigerian comedians and artists such as Helen Paul, Sinach, Ali Baba, Acapella, Seyilaw, Akpororo, Mr Patrick, Gordon’s, Pencil, Helen Paul, Kenyan Eric Omondi, Uganda’s Patrick Salvador, South African Chris Mapane, MC Lively, Destalker, Nasboi, Okey Bakassi, BeejaySax, Klint Da Drunk,I Go Dye, I goSave, among others.

In August 2021, Akinlolu ‘Jekins’ Jikiemi was honored in Atlanta at the D’CEM Awards with the Diaspora African Entertainment Support Recognition Award.