Fresh Vizion, co-founder of Two Brains, a music group consisting of Maccasio and himself, Vizion, has break the silence on the current state of his relationship with his former group member, Maccasio.
According to him, he has lost contact with the numerous hits maker due to the shake up their relationship felt after his returned from school.

Maccasio and Vizion were partners till Vizion went back to school and before he could returned, Maccasio has made it big as a solo artists.
Vizion explained on the All Inclusive Show on Radio Amana with Is Hassan Dablee that, he has longed to take lots of pains from Maccasio to this extent that he feels it’s enough, so therefore, he is ready for the odds this time.
He said he do not have the Rapper phone number again for about two years now and he doesn’t think he will need it, but stressed that, they are not enemies. Watch Video Below.