Fad Lan, a fast-rising Ghanaian artist, has bombshell critics who describe his team as arrogant. Many pundits and fans have always described Fad Lan’s team as arrogant people, with speculation that the Young Bull is a very down-to-earth human, but his team are at fault for his being tagged as ungrateful artists.

I Recorded The Biggest VIP Numbers Ever At The Stadium – Fad Lan

Following the recent relationship stunt between him and his godfather, Maccasio, fans have tagged the star as an ungrateful artist, while many direct their anger at his team. But according to Fad Lan, he has the coolest team in the North who are very well understood.

Maccasio Is My godfather Not My Master – Fad Lan

Fad Lan appeals to fans and critics to note that he, together with his team, also has their own plans, so when people confront them with ideas and do not see them implement them, it shouldn’t be seen as arrogance, but because they also have plans as a team. He revealed this in a one-on-one interview below with Big Malik on Radio Tamale yesterday, June 20th.